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A (formerly) Far East located web site devoted to The Resistance, discussion of all things political, travel, women, golf, women,adventure, and did I mention women?
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  • 03/27/12--15:36: 12-2-1
  • That's the win, loss, tie record of the US in its wars. More if you count the Indian Wars and the other smaller skirmishes over the two centuries of the country's existence. Stephen Walt has a great article up point out  again-how the US will ultimately end up the loser in Iraq, My only question […]

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    Ok, I admit it-I snapped. When I followed the Memorandum link to Mr. Jacobson's  blaming of Obama for "losing" the Middle East, I lost my temper. And with good reason too-I expect better logic and a better perspective on the history of the region-and an understanding of the peoples that lie within. Sadly, Mr Jacobson […]

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  • 03/24/13--22:50: What a week!
  • Well, things have slowly returned to normal after dispatching our Israeli guests back to the land of milk and honey-in order to allow them to celebrate Pesach.  You know it as Passover. And Holy Week. Nonetheless it was a productive week if at the same time a very frustrating one. Israelis can be very difficult […]

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    Phib, in one of his repeated themes, bemoans the fact that we did not give ourselves a chance to “succeed” in Afghanistan. “All it required was about another four-five years of patience. Of course, that 4-5 from now is based on an alternative history where we did not announce our retreat in DEC 09 … [...]

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  • 01/10/14--00:00: Going down a sinkhole…….
  • Is still a bad thing-no matter how many times you do it. The usual suspects have come out, and seized upon Robert Gates’ new book to criticize the effort to get the US out of the worthless hellhole that is Afghanistan, and to rewrite the history of the US fiasco in Iraq.  I find the tenor of the [...]

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  • 02/03/14--10:57: Traveling again
  • On the road again-had a challenging journey yesterday to the other side of the Atlantic. To start with my ICE train to the Frankfurt Airport was going to be delayed by 90 minutes. That was a non-starter as it was going to make me late for check in-and my requisite need to “pre-charge” in the [...]

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    I woke up this morning to see articles blaming the current situation on Iraq-on our failure to leave troops there. John McCain is living up to his reputation of never meeting a war he did not want Americans to fight. They are trotting out the “I told you so” brigades to say its Obama’s fault [...]

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    LTG Daniel Bolger (Citadel Class of 1978) has a very good book out chronicling the truth that a whole lot of people don’t want to admit. For them, the wars were lost when the President of the United States decided to :1) not hang US troops out to dry with a worthless Iraqi government when they [...]

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    The 17th year since the disaster of 9-11 occurred. Today, of course, will be a day of remembrances and memorials to the 3000 Americans who perished on that day, and the many more both in and out of the service who perished as a result of that day and the actions taken afterward. The timeline [...]

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  • 12/31/18--08:49: A great insult
  • I took most of this past week off, primarily because I was not very motivated, and that lack of motivation will continue into the New Year. Of that I am quite confident. The Christmas holiday was pretty much as I expected with the S.O. doing her best to go through the motions while either not [...]